• T023T022  TRANSFER IN OR OUT CUENCA ( DAY OR NIGHT / PER WAY )Our transfer services includes private transportation to or from hotel and a bilingual speaking guide.
  • T023  CUENCA CITY TOUR ( 3 HOURS / ANY DAY )Surrounded by mountains, traversed by four rivers, and home to beautiful 14th- and 15th- century architecture, Cuenca surprised nobody when it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.Cuenca is the third largest city in Ecuador and is, perhaps, the most beautiful of all because of its old architecture and privileged natural beauty enhanced by the exquisite handcrafts available: eg. Gold and silver jewelry, colorful embroidery, marble crafts, ceramics, woven goods and famous “Panama Hats “ one of the main manufacturing centers is located in Cuenca area.Come to see the beautiful Calderón Square, the new marble Cathedral, the old colonial Cathedral, The Pre-Columbian ruins of Todos Los Santos, the Tomebanba River with willow trees decorating its banks, . End this visit going up to the top of the hill of Turi for an extraordinary view of the city and its surroundings.
  • T024.- CUENCA CITY TOUR FULL DAY & LUNCH ( 1 DAY / ANY DAY )The same program as in the regular City Tour including lunch at local restaurant.( It includes lunch set menu )
    DAY )

The same program as in the regular City Tour & Gualaceo, Chordeleg including lunch at local restaurant.( It includes lunch set menu )

    Very close to Cuenca we have the beautiful valley of Gualaceo. We reach this valles after a scenic ride on road that follows the paute River on its way to the Amazon area. The town of Gualaceo keeps the old architecture of the colonial days; around the main square we see houses with wooden balconies, reminisscent of past glories. A short ride will take you for lunch to one of the attractive hosterias in the area. Return to Cuenca in the afternoon.( It includes lunch set menu )
  • T027.- INGAPIRCA INCA RUINS ( 1 DAY / ANY DAY )The Inca domination meant, among other things, the construction of temples, houses, fortresses and other buildings .
    Not far from Cuenca we find the most important ruins, Ingapirca. Ride through beautiful highland country side, passing the towns of Azogues and Cañar.
    Ingapirca is perhaps a temple, probably a fortress or a combination of both, these ruins are not difficult to visit in a one day trip. You can also see the remains of an even older Cañari construcction.
    A lunch will be served at a typical restaurant. Return to Cuenca in the afternoon.( It includes lunch set menu )
  • T028.- CAJAS LAKES EXCURSIONS ( 1 DAY / ANY DAY )A unique region, located about forty minutes from Cuenca.
    Coat and walking shoes are necessary when heading for the area of Cajas, west of Cuenca. Cajas starts at 10,000 ft. Above see level, and the region shows remains of intensive volcanic activity and glaciation. The scenery surrounding these 200 lakes is splendid, for walking and trekking, for observing flora, fauna and birdlife.
    Anglers will find lakes, full of record-breeaking catches of trout.A box lunch will be served. In the afternoon return to Cuenca.( It includes box lunch )

    ( It does not include entrance fee US$ 10,00 per pax )