This program is intended for adults only.

Departure from the Hotel in a comfortable duly authorized bus and accompanied by an official guide throughout the tour.

We begin this extraordinary tour in Las Cuevas de las Maravillas, a place where you can enjoy the natural beauty and at the same time have a unique educational tourist experience. They are to the southeast of our island, in the province San Pedro de Macorís.

We will descend to 25 meters of depth and we will observe more than 500 pictographs and engravings predominating black and red colors, made by the Tainos.

We will also be able to observe the stalactites and stalagmites, as well as the columns whose formations date back thousands of years.

This extraordinary experience is completely ecological and fun for all ages.

The Dominican Republic is world famous for the quality of our Rum and Tobacco.

We will visit The Historic Center Ron Barceló, first of its kind in the country, aims to create a unique experience for visitors to know more about the ancient and modern processes used to create an excellent rum.

We will look at the aging cellars and learn about the manufacturing process and history of our traditional beverage.

We will also have the opportunity to taste the Dominican rum.

Then we will visit the Tobacco Factory, where we will know the process of manufacture by which the tobacco passes before being ready to be consumed.

The tour consists of the process of selecting the leaves that will be used in the production of cigars, the despalille or desvene of the leaf, drying room, and the whole process of elaboration of the


After the tour, we will make a shopping stop in a beautiful shop with all the articles and souvenirs of the typical Dominican culture.