The Republic of Ecuador took its name in the early 1800’s from the ecuatorial line that runs through its territory. Known as a kind of giant natural laboratory, the Frecnh scientist La Condamine, the German Alexander Von Humbolt, the Englishmen Charles Darwin and Edward Whymper all published adventure books detailing their adventure travels in Ecuador. These recount a land of fantastic animals, snow capped volcanoes and impenetrable Amazonian jungle.

Ecuador is one of the safest destinations for traveling in Latin America. The ecuadorians are easygoing people, they include descendents of Spanish conquistadors and original pre-columbian inhabitants, many of whom still speak Quichua an maintain traditions from Incan times and before. Add to this cultural wealth, Ecuador’s compact diversity although only half the size of France, it contains the snowcapped Andes, the Pacific coast and expanses of Amazon Jungle and you begin to see why Ecuador is rapidly earning a reputation for being one of the most popular destinations in South America.



One of the most fascinating and unique things about Ecuador is its markets. In any given region, the market is held on a different day of the week in a different town square. Market day is a grand, colorful fiesta with hundreds of people buying and selling almost everything: food, hadware, clothing, tapestries, with most things made or produced locally. Sellers and buyers travel from kilometers around, in carts, on donkeys, on foot, or by truck to buy, sell or trade.




Sunday: Pujilí, Machachi, El Quinche, Gualaceo, Colta, Sangolquí
Monday: Ambato
Tuesday: Latacunga
Wednesday: Pujilí
Thursday: Saquisilí, Cuenca
Saturday: Otavalo, Riobamba, Latacunga, Zumbahua.





Ubicación Actividad Descripción
January 6th Gatazo (Chimborazo) Fiesta de los Reyes Magos Parades, Processions, band.
February 1st Mira (Tulcán) Virgen de la caridad Processions, bands, fireworks
February * Countryside Carnaval People play with waterballons, in general with water. (forbiden in Ambato)
February Ambato Flowers and fruits party Street parades, dancing, bands. Similar festivities Riobamba, Latacunga and Baños.
March 2nd – 5th Atuntaqui Fiesta de la caña de azúcar Dances, street dancings.
March 4th – 10th Gualaceo Fiesta del durazno Street dancing, masks, handcrafts.
March * Todo el país Easter week Processions, masses, all the reflect the ecuadorians’faith. It is very ecuadorian dish.
April Azuay (Toda la provincia) Fireworks, parades, handcrafts, exhibitions.
May Checa (Pichincha) Señor de buena esperanza Fireworks, parades
June * Cotopaxi, Tungurahua, Azuay y Loja Corpus Christi The most important celebration from the central highlands, music, dances, emborderring customs, plaster masks.
June 22nd Sangolqui Corn Party Parades, dancers with mask handicrafts, amateur bullfights.
June 23rd – 24th Pichincha- Otavalo, San Juan, Tabacundo St. Juan (corn party) Parades, music, dances, regattas Lago San Pablo&bull chasing.
June 28th Todo el país St. Pedro & St. Pablo Dances, parades “bonfires”.
July Guayaquil Fundación Guayaquil Parades, street dancing. Election Miss“Perla del Pacífico”
August 15th Loja Virgen del Cisne Tradicional ballet, horse’s races, cricket’s fights, popular singers
September 3rd – 14th Imbaburra (Atuntaqui) Fiesta de la Jora (Yamor) Folcloric dancers, tipical
October 9th Guayaquil Fundación Guayaquil Street Parades
October 7th Baños Nuestra Señora de Agua Santa Processions, bands, fireworks.
November 2nd Todo el país Día de los difuntos People visit the cementeries, food, drink, lighting ofcandles for the dead.
December 6th Quito Fundación Quito Festivities start ends of November.
December 15th Baños Fundación Baños Procesiones callejeras y bailes.


Although it is unknown to many, lately Ecuador has been discovered by more and more tourists.
It’s dramatic scenic contrasts range from the marvellous green of the Amazon rain forest to the astonishing bright snow of andean peaks along with other countless sites of extraordinary beauty such as fertile coastal plains, colorful mountain valleys and scenic andean plateaus.

A journey around Ecuador permits not only admiring its natural beauty but also its cultural wealth, present in its art, traditions, crafts, folklore and many other expressions of the Ecuadorian people from who settled in the area more than 10.000 years ago.

Discover with us the fabulous scenery of Ecuador.

Discover with us the fabulous scenery of Ecuador.



– Transfer and mentioned excursions.

– Accommodation outside Quito will be the best available local Haciendas or Country Inn or Hotels.

Programs 2 days 1 night:

– Meals as per each program description.

– English / Spanish speaking Guide.

– Land transportation by car / bus as specified in each program.

– Entrance to monuments, churches, museums.

– Assistance by Ecuador Reisen.



Domestic Flight Cuenca – Quito o Guayaquil-Quito.

– International Flights

– Tours a Galápagos o a la Selva

– Entrance Fee (Cotopaxi National Park, Antis) Entradas al Parque Nacional Cotopaxi, al Antisana, o al área Protegida de El Cajas

– Any kind of beverages

– Tips for guides, porters and drivers.

– Laundry.

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