• T029T029  TRANSFER IN OR OUT GUAYAQUIL ( DAY / PER WAY )Our transfer services includes private transportation to or from hotel and a bilingual speaking guide.
  • T030  TRANSFER IN OR OUT GUAYAQUIL ( NIGHT / PER WAY )Our transfer services includes private transportation to or from hotel and a bilingual speaking guide.
  • T031  GUAYAQUIL CITY TOUR ( 3 HOURS / ANY DAY )Know as the “Pearl of the Pacific “, Guayaquil is one of the busiest ports as well as the most active cities in Ecuador this, the commercial capital of the country, is a lively combination of animated trading and cosmopolitan life.Located in western Ecuador on the banks of the Guayas River, Guayaquil is Ecuador’s largest city. Founded in 1938, Guayaquil was South America’s most important port in colonial times. Nowadays, Guayaquil continues to be Ecuador’s principle port as well as its economic center. Moreover, the city has become a modern metropolis with first-class hotels and a well-developed tourist infrastructure

    Drive through the bustlings streets of Ecuador’s largest city, visiting the Simón Bolívar Park with the iguanas roaming at will; at the busy waterfront and docks, la Rotonda with
    its statues of Bolívar and San Martín clasping hands as they did in 1822, marking the ending of South America Independence movement.

    Drive to Barrio Las Peñas, a charming colonial section with wooden architecture that miraculously survived past fires and many buildings now housing art galleries.
    Visit also the cementery with its gardens, elaborate marble sculptures and mausoleums; its an imposing 20th century neocropolis in Greco-Roman style and Guayaquil’s latest attraction: its newly renovated boardwalk, Malecón 2000, which showcases Guayaquil renovation of its waterfront district with all of its houses, shops, restaurants, and museums.

  • T032  GUAYAQUIL CITY TOUR & LUNCH ( 1 DAY / ANY DAY )The same program as in the regular City Tour including lunch in one of the local restaurants.
    ( It includes lunch set menu )
  • T033  GUAYAQUIL HISTORICAL PARK ( 3 HOURS / ANY DAY )Another attraction in Guayaquil is the Historical Park. Located on the road to to Samborondón, the Park aims to rescue the region’s cultural and ecological values.A natural habitat of mangrove trees, the fresh waters of the Daule River, and the tropical climate of the place are the perfect setting to bring the past back to life in this 20 acre park.
  • T034  GUAYAQUIL BOTANICAL GARDEN ( 3 HOURS / ANY DAY )The botanical garden a 30 minutes ride from Guayaquil, is a conservation center for tropical species, many in danger of extinction.
    Enjoy a collection of more than 300 plants including 150 species of Ecuadorian and foreign orchids.Part of the park is reserved for the fine wood and fruit trees, each identified with common and scientific names.

    A third area has productive plants such as banana, sugar cane, and maize, see the garden sectionof cactus, palms and citrus tress, plus a waterlily pond.

    The garden also houses a great number of birds and has an overlook with great views of the Daule and Babahoyo Rivers.