1We invite you to visit a place where anything is possible…the exotic, the mysterious, the sensuous. Deep in the virgin forest, our lodge, La Selva, is necessarily remote. But with dugout canoes,with horses and with brute manual labor we have brought to this paradise as much luxury as possible. Seventeen cabins built in the traditional indian style of the region and each with its own toilet and hot shower perch on a hill overlooking a lake named Garzacocha, Heron Lake. The bar and restaurant hug the shore ready for magical sunsets, toucans, parrots and a permanent view of infinite green tranquility.

LA SELVA JUNGLE LODGE is located in the heart of the Amazon basin of Ecuador. LA SELVA has been in successful operation for about sixteen years, and we are a highly respected (if not the best) jungle lodge in South America, which won the “ECOTOURISM AWARD” at World Congress on Tourism and Environment. LA SELVA provides guided tours of the rainforest with trained Naturalist guides and Native assistants. However, there are many other options available and you can create your own itinerary: decide for swimming, fishing, bird-watching or simply relaxing. and enjoying our gourmet food and personalized service. You should know that “in the jungle anything is possible” and there you Hill find the ultimate rainforest experience that will surprise, as well asoverwhelm your senses. We invite you to share LA SELVA JUNGLE LODGE that is Eric Schwartz’s (owner) dream-come-true, a Californian free lance writer, that with his Ecuadorian-born wife, together, they: “harness the power of the marketplace in service to the environment”. LA SELVA, which you might know, in Spanish means “the jungle”, is about sixty miles from the town called Coca, down the Napo river (one of the main tributaries of the Amazonas river) and one mile in land from the river itself. With LA SELVA program one enjoys the accommodation of our lodge in cabins on a hill overlooking Garzacocha Lake, it is a private, 100% natural, lake where only our guests have access. Guests are divided into groups of no more than 8, according to interest and considering family groups. The lodge is perched above the forest floor on stilts and connected with raised walkways, the thatch-roofed bamboo bungalows are the perfect setting for exploring the wonders of the pristine nature.

assistance at the airports of Quito and Coca, transportation in the Amazon (from Coca airport to the dock, canoe ride down the Napo river toward the lodge, among others involved in the excursions), all meals (Juices during meals and bottled water in your cabin), all excursions, the accommodation at the lodge, English-speaking Naturalist guides, Native guides and taxes.

bar bill, tips, entrance fee US$ 15.00 per person to visit the Yasuní National Park, souvenirs and the airfare Quito-Coca-Quito at US$ 120.00 net per person (airfare & entrance fee subject to change without previous notice) *subject to increase without previous notice.
NOTE: Flexible departure under request (except Sundays), at not extra cost Electricity is available at the bar and dinning areas (110V) to recharge batteries. At the cabins we provide each night two kerosene lamps, one inside and the other outside the cabin, which last until the following day. We suggest our guests to bring a flashlight as an aid to walk around the lodge at night. There is an extra fake kerosene lamp in the bathroom with a light bulb, in order to make it easy for your clients with our loosing the rustic concept.
We would like to take this opportunity to inform you that after many meetings with the local witch doctors and with their help and support, we invented “HOT WATER”, however for the most adventurous guests, we still have the option of an ambience temperatures showers. This has been invented long ago.
The food is our pride. Our culinary background is French and we have applied these skills to local ingredients and dishes. Fresh tropical fruit jueces accompany each meal. For fruit juices and all our meals we use purified-bottled water, which it is brought from Quito. La Selva Lodge does serve Vegetarian meals and special diets upon request. So, please do not hesitate that we will be able (and willing) to give you a delicious vegetarian diet and handled very well by us. The cabañas come of a native design, built with the same material that people on the region use for their housing. Comfortable, with mosquito nets over each bed. We provide, for each cabin & daily, bottled-purified water. The cabañas are elevated from the floor and has some kind of screen in between the wall. Just for you to know, at LA SELVA we have capacity for 44 people, distributed as follows:

For your information, we contact every passenger the afternoon prior to their departure to the jungle at their hotel in Quito, in order to inform exact flight schedule and last minute details if any. Your clients should be at the airport of Quito one hour before the departure time, they will be met by our Representative, who will hand in boarding passes, check suitcases and will give them all the assistance they may require. The private airlines that we can use are ICARO, SAEREO, and the flight takes 30 minutes (Quito – Coca) Follows a 15 minutes transfer in a Chiva (open bus) from the airport in Coca to a private dock. A motorized canoe will be waiting for the group to take them down the River Napo (2 1/2 hours). During the ride down river a box lunch prepared in the morning will be ready for each guest. Arrival to LA SELVA dock, our staff will help you carrying your luggage (carry on, as well as camera gear, is guests responsibility.) A complementary welcome cocktail greets them in the bar along with the Naturalist guides. In order to give, the first class service the LA SELVA is well known for, we have prepared a random sample itinerary; The first excursion will be organized, as fast as they want and they will be ready to choose one of the innumerable possibilities that we are glad to detail for you:

Cross Garzacocha Lake. Two and a half to three hour walk on a purposely underdeveloped trail which has some physical challenge. Half of the walk takes place in primary forest and the other half passes the huts of our indigenous neighbors along the Napo River.

An easy trail close to the hotel which is usually filled with wildlife no matter what hour of the day you do it. The excursion can last as long as you want.

A 3 to 4 hour trip. Follow the Mandicocha trail until you reach Mandicocha Lake which has a completely different ecosystem than Lake Garzacocha (where the hotel is located). Board paddle canoes for a one and half hour glide down Mandiyacu stream. One easily sees the myriad of wildlife that presents itself along the shores of the stream. Arriving at the Napo River, board a motorized canoe for the trip back to LA SELVA.

It’s a two-hour excursion often combined with a picnic lunch and trips across the Napo River (see following). Visit a site where with a little luck, parrots, parakeets and macaws can be seen by the thousands.

The duration can vary between 3 to 5 hours. Cross the Napo River and arrive at a challenging mountainous trail which offers yet another ecosystem. It is a chance to see birds and other wildlife nowhere else seen. Also a chance to eat lemon ants.

A motorized canoe trip down the Napo River. Then a walk and a paddle canoe trip to Challuacocha for a picnic at a shelter overlooking the lake, then relaxing canoeing, fishing for piranhas, or a two-hour hike through yet another unique forest.

Cross Garzacocha Lake then one hour or more of walking. See and enormous colony of leafcutter ants and whatever wildlife may come your way.

Canoe or walking trips after dark to view nocturnal animals such as caiman, monkeys, insect, owls. Sample the LA SELVA nightlife.

Not far from the lodge you can spend many hours observing birds flying by at eye-level, wildlife of all kinds, and yes, a bird’s-eye view of it all.

Available every afternoon. Close to the lodge, watch and photograph butterflies at close range. With any luck, witness the miracle of metamorphosis.

Two versions available. Cross Garzacocha Lake, walk through virgin forest, and arrive at the tower: 4 hours. Short version: pass Butterfly farm and join trail in the middle (two hours).

Head east at Mandicocha trailhead and walk parallel tot eh lake. Arrive at Napo River. Return by elevated walkway and cross Garzacocha by canoe, 3 hours.

Short trip by foot around the edge of Lake Garzacocha. Return by canoe to the lodge.

Across Mandicocha, it goes on and on and on. Good place to look for Jaguars. (Named after owner’s mother) At 7:00 o’clock, Dinner.

There are Night Excursions (caiman hunt, search for owls, frogs, insect excursion, etc), in case guests are interested, available every night. All the excursions will be organized day by day with your guide and the group.

Meals schedule can slightly change,

Day 2
Early wake up call at 6:00 am, breakfast at 6:30 am.
Departure for the excursion 7:10 am:
The Lunch will be served 1:00 o’clock.
Afternoon: Leisure time until 4:00 pm that is your departure to the next
At 7:00 o’clock, Dinner
Night Excursion, available, for the groups.

Day 3
Early wake up call at 6:00 am, breakfast at 6:30 am.
Departure for the excursion 7:10 am:
The Lunch will be served 1:00 o’clock.
Afternoon: Leisure time until 4:00 pm that is your departure to the next
Night Excursion, available, for the groups

Day 4
Early wake up call at 6:00 am, breakfast at 6:30 am.
Departure for the excursion 7:10 am:
The Lunch will be served 1:00 o’clock.
Afternoon: Leisure time until 4:00 pm that is your departure to the next
adventure or we have prepared as an optional activity, fishing, canoeing,
going to the observation tower or simply relaxing.
Night Excursion, available, for the groups

Day 5
Early wake up to catch the flight back to Quito. Flight leaves Coca 10:45 am or 11:30 am. Arrival to Quito around noon time. Last day: Early wake up to catch the flight back to Quito. Arrival to Quito around noon time.