The Coast

Regions Ecuador

Ecuador has all the time tropical weather at the Coast region. Its beaches are very beautiful, with wonderful landscapes.

In this area Machalilla National Park is the only coastal Park in the country, create in 1979 to protect the endemic fauna as tapirs, guantas, iguanas and pumas, parrots, pelicans, frigates and a wide range of cacti, succulent bromeliads and flowering trees. Several natural bays and wide sandy beaches curve between the many rocky cliffs of tis shores, the most famous bein “Los Frailes”, a virgin white-sanded beach with clear blue water. Machalilla also has important archaeological sites such as Agua Blanca, the ancient seat of succesive cultures: Valdivia, Guangala, Bahía, Chorrera and Manteña. Covering approximately 60000 hectares, it combines many different climatological zones, desert, tropical dry forest, matorral and mountain wilderness areas and two off-shore coral islands that have some similarities to the Galápagos.