The Highlands

Regions Ecuador


The Highlands of Ecuador sit between two parallel mountain ranges about six kilometers apart, running North to South. Although equatorial, because of elevation, this area ranges in climate from Spring-like to ice-cold. Quito the capital is the second more crowded city after Guayaquil.


The Andes run in two parallel ranges the lenght of Ecuador. These are known as the Eastern and Western Cordilleras, and are connected by inter mountain ranges. In between each of these lie a series of valleys between 2.300 m and 3000 m with fertile volcanic soil. In these south between the Cordilleras, rising up and down, past fields and farms beneath snow capped volcanoes. It was in 1802 the German explorer Alexander Von Humbolt, in a fit of inspiration named this route “Avenue of the Volcanoes”. By leaving this route and hiking or climbing, one passes through all the earth’s ecological zones, from subtropical to arctic.


Quito 2840 m. High, capital of Ecuador and former Northern capital of the Inca Empire, is a museum of mestizo and Colonial Art, beautiful Cathedrals, elegant old world mansions, interesting museums, plazas and parks with statues of historical personalities, first class hotels and charming pensions, delightful restaurants, fashionable shops and street markets selling a wealth of Ecuadorian jewels, arts and crafts. This fascinating city sits on a cool Andean plateau, surrounded by majestic mountains, some of which are snow- capped year round. Not surprisingly Quito was the first city in the world ( 1978) is being declared by the U.N.E.S.C.O. Cultural heritage of Humanity .