1145856-Yuturi-Lodge-1We are in the Amazon basin, the crossing from Coca to the Yuturi Nature Reserve takes round about four hours on the Napo river (the main tributary of the amazon river). In our comfortable and covered motor canoes you will enjoy the beautiful scenery of the banks and houses of the Quechua indigenous people, who still stick to their traditions, e.g. the preparation of “chicha” out of Maniok and “vinillo de plátano”.

The lodge complex is surrounded by three lagoons and is situated in the midst of a charming jungle landscape, where the guests are able to enjoy the innumerable sounds of nature as well as the tranquility and silence of the jungle.

In order to conserve the harmony of the surroundings all cabins with private bathrooms were built out of typical materials of that region.

The word “Yuturi” comes from the Quechua language and refers to the Conga ant, which is abundant in that area.

The personal attention we offer at Yuturi allows us that every guest is able to choose the activities liked – in accordance with the respective programs.

To the most fascinating adventures we offer at Yuturi rank at any rate the night cruises with a canoe to spot caimans, the piranha- fishing as well as the visit to a monkey island and much more.


  • Adventure hiking to observe local flora and fauna
  • Short hiking inside the forest
  • Opportunity to observe and to learn about medicinal plants
  • Native guides will show how to use the blowgun
  • Night aquatic trip by canoe
  • Opportunity to observe caimans, reptiles and night birds
  • Visit of an indigenous family
  • We learn about traditions and customs
  • Piranha fishing
  • Canoe trips around the lagoons
  • Nights hike to wach terra firme species
  • Observation of insects, reptiles and nocturnal roadants
  • Night navigation on the Manduro river to see caimans
  • Night navigation on the Sapococha lagoon
  • SHAMAN Show (optional)
  • Visit the Arcadia Rescue Center
  • and more …. much more ….

Yuturi Biological Reserve operates twice week: monday to friday and friday to Monday

Yuturi Biological Reserve, is a member of the YUTURI CONSERVATION GROUP an organization involved in rainforest conservation projects helped by national and international organizations.

Departure in Quito with destination El Coca. Crossing on the Napo River (the main tributary river of the amazon river) to the Yuturi Biological Reserve and its nature reserve. Arrival at round about 5 p.m. Dinner Night excursion on the Parahuaco- trail to observe insects, nightactive roadants, reptiles and much more – listen to the nocturnal concert of the jungle and to learn about the Amazon basin.

Excursion in a canoe to the lagoon of Yuturi. During the journey the passengers will appreciate the fantastic concert of the huge bird diversity, which exists in the nature reserve. Return to the Lodge to have breakfast – Canoe- trip to the Manduro-Lagoon and walk on the hiking trail with the same name to observe the vegetation, water birds and keys for “chontillas” and “anturios” where bird colonies and nests have been established as well. Lunch in the jungle. Resting time. Dinner. Night journey in small boats (piraguas) on Yuturi River.

Breakfast. Departure to a 3-hour adventure- hike. We cross the jungle and observe a huge number of medical plants, which are used by native people. There is the opportunity to see parrots, parakeets, tukans and all the over exciting animals which inhabit the area. In the afternoon our native naturalist guides will share their knowledge about the use of the most outstanding weapon of the Ecuadorian Amazon basin the “Bodoguera” or “Cerbatana”. Dinner. Night journey in small boats (piraguas) on Yuturi River.

Early in the morning – after breakfast – by motor boat canoe we will leavethe lodge in order to visit a house of a native family and learn about their customs and habits and possibly buy some handicrafts. We will make a second funny and exciting stop at the “Isla de los choronogs” (monkeys). This 20 ha island is part of the Yuturi Nature Reserve where we can enjoy the presence, grace and skilfulness of the chorongo- monkeys in their natural surroundings. In the afternoon we invite you to participate in the entertaining piranha- fishing. Dinner and accommodation.

Early in the morning – after breakfast – departure in a canoe from the Yuturi Biological Reserve to Coca in order to catch the return flight to Quito