Regions Colombia

In this area have chair for major cities (Bogota, Medellin and Cali) and the major national parks in the country. This area is known in Colombia as the “Golden Triangle” because the greatest political, economic, industrial, commercial, cultural, sports and tourism power is concentrated. Other major cities in the Andean region are Bucaramanga, Pereira Cucuta, capital of the departments of Santander, Risaralda and Norte de Santander; Bucaramanga also is called the city of parks or Ciudad Bonita, located on a plateau, bases its economy on industry and services. It is a university town having more than 10 colleges. It is mandatory passage of transport that runs between the capital Bogota and the Atlantic coast, is now the center of North-East economy Colombian. Pereira the trasnochadora, querendona and brown also has great growth development and beautiful places to visit one of the most recent is the Ukumari park, which has more than 40 hectares and forms an area full of nature and beautiful coffee landscapes.


The capital of Colombia, a city of 12 million inhabitants, located in a giant Sabana, surrounded by mountains, 2600 meters above sea level, which is characterized by its cold climate, but with great fervor to industry movement , trade, the big city, the modern buildings and wide avenues. On the day we will find a city with great movement and at night a great festive atmosphere, giving it a special touch with many clubs in elite areas such as Park 93 and the Zona T and in turn find restaurants serving national food and international with the most exotic restaurants of different dishes from anywhere in the world that will delight the most demanding customers. Andy is highly recommended beef restaurant with typical Colombian food and a very cheerful and friendly atmosphere.

We find a colonial town in the area of ​​Candelaria, Plaza Bolivar, Antonio Nariño presidential palace, the Gold Museum, the Cathedral, Colon Theatre, Seventh Street, Caracas Avenue, etc.

A mandatory point to go in Bogota’s Monserrate, where we can see a panorama of the entire city, is the best viewpoint of the Colombian capital. You can take the cable car, although most bogotanos walk up as it is a great tradition of the city.

In Bogota, we can also perform a religious tourism touring the Cathedral, the church of the Lord of the fallen in the viewpoint of Monserrate, the Church of the Divine Child, which is located south of the city and finally, for dessert, the Cathedral Zipaquira salt, the only church built in salt in the world. This church is located 45 minutes from the city, in the town of Zipaquira.

It is also advisable to make purchases of fine clothing, like shoes and all kinds of products for computers and mobile phones, with the most convenient costs.

As for hospitality are a variety in all areas of the city and in all the categories that customers crave, will be to go for tourism or business.


Medellin is considered the industrial and modern capital of Colombia, characterized by being very powerful, very friendly, warm and beautiful people who give a special touch to the capital of the mountain or the city of eternal spring, its inhabitants call it by its delightful climate.

The most important thing to know in the capital of Antioquia is the park or park Botero fat, outdoor museum of the leading figures of one of the leading sculptors of the world as Fernando Botero, a native of this wonderful city. We also need to get on the Metro de Medellin, one of the most modern in Latin, the only subway that runs over the entire city on the continent, so we know it without leaving this wonderful means of transportation. Another very important point to know is the Pueblito Paisa, which is a large replica of an Antiochian town, with its typical church, restaurants with picnic, a small square, and all this with a spectacular view of the city as it is located on top of the hill Nutibara. A very special place to visit is the park barefoot characterized by finding many batteries, special games that recreate both children and adults. A highly recommended area is the area of ​​El Poblado where you will find the best shopping centers of the city, variety of restaurants and special places that give a touch typical of the city.

A mandatory point to know is its commercial center for shopping, especially varied, high quality and beautiful clothes, so that Medellin has been listed as the Latin American capital of fashion; the most desirable shopping centers: Centro Comercial Single, San Diego Mall, Oviedo Mall, Plaza Shopping Center, among others.

Medellin is a city chosen for many events and business center, as it is the economic capital of Colombia, it has developed a large number and variety hotel chain with the best standards of quality for the most demanding customers in the world market.

Its main events in the city are Expomoda, where are the best fashion exhibitors worldwide and made contact with the best entrepreneurs of the textile industry in the world. The night of the candles, (from December 7) where the whole city illuminated with candles and thus begins the holidays in the city. As the days passed in December throughout the city, parks, houses, streets, avenues and to the river that crosses the entire city to become one of the most fantastic and marvelous works they have been done in America lights , and to be described as the Antiochian capital ILLUMINATED CITY, which is an event visited by tourists from around the world. An unforgettable spectacle.

In the month of August a very iconic and original holiday in the city that is the festival of silleteros or better known as the flower fair, that all great floriculture entrepreneurs in the country gather and expose all their best flowers celebrates and roses in the city made by peasants and are beautiful figures are known to the public to be charged by silleteros, who are walking the main streets of the city with its flower arrangements behind. There are also parades of floats and classic cars, giving the beginning of the festivities of the city.


The city is characterized by its warm climate, located in Valle del Cauca, 1000 meters above sea level, known as the world capital of salsa, the branch of the sky, the capital of the joy of Colombia, among other appointments, that make this very welcoming city for tourists. We can find all kinds of hospitality for all tourists visiting this lively city. The main recognized festival is the FAIR OF CALI, celebrated exactly from December 25 to January 2, no festival of salsa orchestras, the best exponents of the world in the Caribbean musical art, accompanied by festivals in all districts of all social strata; also a cavalcade traveled through the main streets of the city, accompanied by the most beautiful women in the country, which adorn the main celebration of the city.

The most important points to know the city are: The hill of Cristo Rey, something like the Corcovado in Rio de Janeiro, from where we can see a visual panorama of the city .. Also the colonial town starting with the Caicedo plaza, church the Hermitage, the Ortiz bridge, Colombia, San Fernando, San Antonio, the neighborhood Granada avenue.

Cali is best known for nightlife, for their bailaderos and clubs that cheer the Valle del Cauca capital, with its main musical exponent as salsa, rhythm carrying all its inhabitants in the soul. For curiosity of all Cali you have special clubs called the Viejotecas, where will people of all ages, races and social fun to unleash with music from the 60s, 70s and 80s strata. The main ones are two calls THE PLANE Viejoteca and MATRACA. For partygoers who want to hear more modern music is best to visit the area Menga, where you will find a variety of clubs to suit all tastes.

It is also advisable to go to Cali to visit their shopping centers, especially Unicentro, Cosmocentro, Unique Commercial Center, among others.

Two hours from Cali we can get to know a very beautiful town called Buga, we will find the Lord of Miracles, the only black Christ of Colombia, which has a very special legend and has a lot of fans around the country.


Eje cafetero or coffee triangle is located in the center of the country, and is divided among three departments: Risaralda, Caldas and Quindio. This area is small but very diverse in flora and fauna, but especially is the cradle of the best soft coffee in the world, a product that is recognized everywhere for its flavor and aroma. Here we meet three very beautiful cities that are practically together, these Pereira, Armenia and Manizales. The main thing to know the coffee is to go to the farms where coffee is grown, but these farms agriculture is not dedicated only but are also hotels and hostels of very high quality, where all guests will enjoy the comfort surrounded by countryside, where an atmosphere of tranquility, peace and harmony is created. The main places where we need to go to the coffee belt are PANACA parks (national cultural park Café), The National Coffee Park and the Park Café. In all these places we find healthy activities for families of all ages. You can call it a walk ecological tourism, awareness of nature and a lot of fun as we learn from how to taste coffee to milk a cow or practice agricultural activities like picking coffee and also enjoy rides, swimming in rivers and all in the midst of nature, farms and hotels of very good quality and excellent service.